Chiropractic Testimonials

“My neck was really sore before I started here and after treatments at Dr.Reineck’s office, my neck is no longer sore. I also had a lot of tightness in my back and it has loosened a lot since coming here. I recommend Dr. Reineck’s office to anyone who is experiencing similar symptoms.”

- A.V.

"Since coming to Dr. Reineck’s office, I have noticed my upper back and my knees are not hurting anymore. I feel so much better since treating with Dr. Reineck. Thanks, Dr. Luke!”

- J.M.

“I am so thankful that I decided to seek treatment for my hips. I have had hip problems for 3 years. I am so very glad I decided to do this!”

- D.B.

“My experience with Dr. Reineck’s office has been a success! I have less pain in my neck and back and can function better in my day to day activities. The massage therapy is my favorite after a long day at work!”

- K.M.

“I’ve been coming to Dr. Reineck for 4 weeks. I came in with a migraine and had a chiropractic adjustment on my neck. Ever since I have not had a migraine! Dr. Reineck is the best! I recommend him to all of my friends!”

- J.K.

"I hurt my shoulder and was hesitant to see the orthopedic doctor first and even though it wasn t the back, I asked Dr. Luke to take a look to see if it might be muscular or skeletal issue. He was so nice, made me feel very comfortable, gave me a thorough check and convinced me to see an orthopedic. (Ended up being a torn labrum and rotator cuff.) But my back felt so much better after the first visit with him!!! And then he helped my wife with her back! I m so glad I went to see him. THANK YOU!"

- M.P.

"Living with Motion Chiropractic center is a positive experience. It is a the best part of my day for I feel invigorated and feel of life when I leave the office. The staff are welcoming and friendly. The service they provide tend to my needs and meet my WHOLE needs - they look beyond the immediate pain to the entire person!"

- D.S.

"Awesome group, Dr. Luke and Laura (massage Therapist) are amazing. They help me every time I go. They are great about explaining what you need and what they can do for you. His prices are reasonable. Meredith is the other Massage therapist, she is also great. And Bonnie at the front desk is always willing to help you with understanding your insurance coverage. Definite Thumbs up."

- A.P.

"I don't really know where to start......... I have been a patient at Living with Motion Chiropractic for about 2 years now and will forever be a patient mainly because of the excellent care I receive! Dr. Reineck is a very down to earth doctor who truly cares about his patients and isn't into it just for the money! I was referred to Dr. Reineck when I dislocated my shoulder a few years back, He more than helped with my shoulder and has helped with other issues that have come about. I had a migraine episode that I was seen at the hospital for and stumped the doctors except for Dr. Reineck that is, I called him and he got me in right away and I felt relief minutes after being adjusted despite being down for several days. I don't believe you could find a better facility to go to for your health issues than you can at Living with Motion. I have referred several family members as well as coworkers and friends of mine and whenever I hear of someone needing a good chiropractor I will be sure to give his name! Thanks again to Dr. Reineck for everything!"

- J.B.

"What an incredible chiropractic office - WOW - Dr Reineck is up on so many new and innovative techniques and I always leave feeling so much better than when I arrived. Thanks so much Dr Reineck...and staff. Laura and Meredith are PHENOMENAL massage therapists. What a treat to have them work on me each visit, too! And Jen has given me so much valuable information on nutrition. I LOVE their holistic approach."

- L.M.

"I went to see Luke and the Living with Motion team with some severe back pain. It was new to me, and I wasn't sure if Chiro was the place to start. I must say that I am so glad that I went. My pain quickly subsided and I've continued to visit and get regular adjustments. My husband and I jokingly call them "attitude adjustments" but whatever we call them - they have made life better!"

- M.B.

"Individualized, compassionate care! Great with children and adults and looks for ways to support holistic care."

- J.M.

"I had a consultation with Dr. Luke concerning pain in shoulder and neck. After a few adjustments I was much better and pain free. The entire staff is very professional and personable. I would definitely recommend this practice!"

- M.N.

"I have been going here for 2 - 3 years. Dr Reineck takes his time with you and concentrates on your troubled areas. He is usually easy to get into and you get 10 minutes with the massage therapist."

- A.S.

"I was experiencing pain in my neck which was also giving me headaches on a daily basis. A friend recommended Luke and his team to help my neck. After going once a week for a month my neck pain was gone and no longer experienced any headaches. I would definitely recommend Living with Motion Chiropractic to anyone experiencing musculoskeletal problems that wants to fix the problem instead of masking the pain with drugs."

- M.B.

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