Soft Drink Company Expects You to Believe Lack of Exercise – Not Diet – Is the Cause of Obesity in Loveland OH…

Soft Drink Company Expects You to Believe Lack of Exercise - Not Diet - Is the Cause of Obesity in Loveland OH

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Got questions in regards to obesity in Loveland OH? 

In politics, there is a well-known saying: Follow the money.

In other words, if you want to know what's really going on… and why… find out who is financially backing a candidate or elected official and you may see why politicians vote the way they do.

While many of us like to think that science is above politics, sometimes scientists can be persuaded - either directly or indirectly - to produce the results the people funding their research want to see.

That is why this is so suspect…

What are the facts in Loveland OH?

According to a recent New York Times article: "… the world's largest producer of sugary beverages, is backing a new 'science-based' solution to the obesity crisis: To maintain a healthy weight, get more exercise and worry less about cutting calories.

"The beverage giant has teamed up with influential scientists who are advancing this message in medical journals, at conferences, and through social media. To help the scientists get the word out, the company in question has provided financial and logistical support to a new nonprofit organization… which promotes the argument that weight-conscious Americans are overly fixated on how much they eat and drink while not paying enough attention to exercise."

In fact, a scientist working on behalf of this leading soft drink company said that there is virtually no compelling evidence that fast food, sugary drinks, and eating too many calories have contributed to the obesity epidemic.

Can you believe that?

While it would be nice to think you could eat whatever you want and melt off excess weight simply by running more, the truth is that in order to lose weight in a healthy manner, you need to be active (exercise) and eat right (more real foods, less processed foods). There are no magic pills and when someone tries to sell you one, take a look at what's motivating them, even if they claim to be an expert.


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