Homeopathic BAX PTL Laser Therapy Testimonials

"My name is Lorna J. and I’m the mother of three boys; a 12 year old and twin 10 year olds. Two of my sons have spectrum disorders and the third has Tourettes Syndrome. All three of my children have suffered from allergies since toddlers. Over the years we have tried all the over the counter medications and progressed to prescriptions. Our last stop was to try allergy shots. The only things that changed over time were the strengths of the medications and the side effects. Since going through the BAX3000 system my children experienced a great relief from their symptoms. They are sleeping easier and are more alert and feeling better during the day. It’s a great relief for me knowing that I don’t have to continually give my children medication for them to enjoy their day."

- Lorna J.

"I have had allergy problems since I moved to Cincinnati 20 years ago. I tested positive for many allergens and started on shots, nose sprays and prescription allergy medication. Even with these treatments, I suffered sinus infections several times a year. In May I started coming to Dr. Luke for Chiropractic. He recommended the BAX3000 for my allergy problems. Since we started this treatment, I have gotten off all allergy shots, nose sprays, and meds. I am happy to say I haven’t had any sinus infections! I highly recommend the BAX3000 to anyone suffering with allergies. It has definitely improved my health. Thank you Dr. Luke!!!"

- Debby H.

"Since receiving regular chiropractic care as well as the BAX3000 treatments I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of headaches I get. I used to have multiple headaches throughout the week on a regular basis and now was a result of the treatments they are virtually nonexistent. The BAX3000 assessments were eye opening as I learned that many of the food sensitivities I have are to foods that I not only love but also consume on a regular basis. For example, the BAX3000 assessment identified a strong sensitivity to chicken, which is a staple food in my diet. As I continue to learn more about all of the different ways the BAX3000 treatments can assist individuals I truly am in awe of what a life changing impact it can have."

- Holly

"Living with motion Chiropractic has a Bio-Veda treatment system which was used to treat my allergies. My allergies were so bad I had to take Allegra and Nasonex everyday. Since being treated with the painless and noninvasive Bio-Veda system I haven't used my meds. The system has more uses for other maladies."

- Rick

"Dr. Reineck treated me using the BAX3000 as a way to decrease the stress on my nervous system, and the results were extremely beneficial! I currently have no symptoms of food allergies/sensitivities, which I did experience prior to the treatment. I also experienced a major shift in my level of stress following some specific protocols Dr. Reineck used to address my adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism. I felt like I'd been laying out at a great beach for the week when I woke up the day following my treatment for my adrenal glands! Thanks to Dr. Reineck I have substaintially increased my vitality and consequently have the motivation and energy to continue my journey back to a state of good health! Dr. Reineck, your the best!"

- Joyce

"Over the last few years I have developed serious sinus infections that would create intense swelling and poor airway flow through my nasal passages. These episodes were occuring at least four times a year. Traditional medical treatments (allergy medications, nasal sprays, and antibiotics) were used with limited success and the problem kept reoccurring. My Family Practice Physician referred me to an ENT and an Allergist for further evaluation but it did not result in a solution.

After discussing my allergy history with Dr. Reineck he offered to evaluate me using the Bio-Veda system. Due to the lack of success that I received with the traditional treatments I was willing to try it. Dr. Reineck used the Bio-Veda system to address my allergies/sensitivities and I have not had an episode since he initiated the treatment. I am very pleased with the results!"

- Tony

"I want to thank Dr. Luke for the fantastic health improvements that I have made because of his BAX System. I have always had allergies – taken shots and prescriptions for many years. For the past 3-4 years, I have suffered with MAJOR coughing. Sometimes I coughed so hard I would feel dizzy. Everyone who knows me, always wanted to know if something could be done to help. Well……Dr. Luke’s system worked FANTASTIC!!!! I still cough a few times each day but nothing like the MULTIPLE episodes I used to experience. The BAX System “corrected” a problem that started in 1978. Thank you again, Dr. Luke."

- Vicki


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